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IOTric is a leading Augmented Reality (AR) / Virtual Reality(VR) development company with a team of experts capable of pushing the limits of the latest technologies for you business needs.

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Manufacturing is a process-intensive industry and has a great demand for automation and device implementation. AR & VR has streamlined various manufacturing processes and enabled smooth functioning. By using VR, process managers utilise the power of stimulation to boost processes and streamline assembly line. It is also helpful in identifying any possible risks. Similarly, Augmented Reality has enabled a positive and advanced change in manufacturing processes allowing efficient production and better innovation.

Technology finds a great role in manufacturing when it comes to creative designing and innovative functions. AR & VR offers limitless possibilities in manufacturing, ranging from development to maintenance and timely identification of errors. The prototypes developed by using AR offer great in-depths about the product possibilities and its limitations.

Our expertise in developing AR & VR solutions for manufacturing industries knows no bounds. We are efficiently catering to the futuristic requirements of our existing customers and hold enough potential toad many more to our list of clients.

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Enterprise IT

The benefits that AR & VR offers to Enterprises is beyond description. Right from real-life yet distant video conferencing to easy compilation of the all the documents and important data, AR & VR has changed how businesses operate in today’s world. AR gives incredible platform to businesses to connect with their customers and boost engagement. It has simplified processes while boosting the overall productivity of the organization.

The extent of AR’s prowess to simplify hard-core data compiling and delivering augmented environment for creative training and development makes it a need for business growth. Investing in an AR application must be on the top agenda of every progressive business as reports suggest that by 2022 over $117.4 billion worth AR technology and appwould be successfully running in the market, with effective implications for enterprises.

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Health Industry

From educating medical students in advanced settings to utilizing the capabilities of visualization in healthcare records in augmented reality, AR & VR technology find their own value in the Healthcare industry. The visual impact of various diseases on the human body in a virtual representation offers great education insight to the common man. Moreover, the technological devices created using AR & VR technology enable doctors and medical staff to identify the problem more precisely, discussing it in a virtual environment and devising effective treatment plans.

The potential that AR & VR hold for technology implementation in the healthcare industry is limitless. The machines range from VR-powered telemedicine to “transportive” eldercare to virtual tours and immersion therapy for behavioural treatments; there is a range of healthcare programs already utilizing the benefits offered by AR & VR.

We are capableof developing AR & VR solutions for healthcare industries that solve the desired purposes. Our solutions are innovative, result-oriented, fully functional, and very cost-effective.

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They say the more you see, the more you adapt, and there is no better way to learn than creative learning. AR & VR makes learning fun and more effective as it projects the images and creates a virtual environment that boosts the learning ability and its efficacy. AR & VR powered solutions boost student engagement and their ability to understand and implement various concepts.

The advent of AR & VR implementation happened a long time back and today, technologies like Google Cardboard and VR powered headsets are common practices in educational environments.

The possibilities are not only limited to the classrooms, but schools are now organizing virtual reality powered field trips and virtual trips to places of educational value with minimum efforts. The classroom lessons are made more powerful through projected images and videos that have narrative texts as well as interactive elements.

We create programs that come with in-built AR & VR solutions for education purposes as well as solutions that enable teachers to create their own VR content.

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AR & VR technologies are adapted by Aerospace industry too and its immersive benefits are clearly visible. The technology is being used in identifying and preparing forpotentialandknown treats that have always been an integral part of the aerospace industry.

R technology is actively being used in Pilot Training, Ground Crew training as well as Aircraft guidance. The technology offers great power and control to the pilot and enable right decision making by presenting all the required information as and when required. AR enabled solutions help the pilot assess emergency conditions such as terrain, navigation, traffic, and weather as well as works towards safety by offering handy checklists for pre-flight, in-flight, emergency and landing checklist.

Augmented reality applications are also being used by top airlines to offer in-flight entertainment to their passengers. These applications offer safety, easy access to information, better revenues and many other benefits that is desired by every active market player of the aerospace industry.

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Military & Deffence

One of the biggest offerings of AR & VR to the Military & Defence industry is the ease and efficacy of training and operation optimization. The ability to create simulation environments of life-like boosts the training efficacy and in return, offer great benefits to the recruits of working in a real-like environment. The technologies have also found their effective role in equipment maintenance and repair functions.

Moreover, the use of AR & VR in mapping and communication which comes of great use in the time of crisis- to identify possible threats, opportunities and devise effective solutions. Any environment or landscape can be virtually shared with remote experts to get their reviews and devise an effective strategy to deal with the situation in hand.

The benefits range from creative tactical training in a virtual environment to mission rehearsal, which enables the army and military to stay prepared for the worse case scenarios.

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