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IOTric is a leading Augmented Reality (AR) / Virtual Reality(VR) development company with a team of experts capable of pushing the limits of the latest technologies for you business needs.

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Whether in a classroom, industry, or corporate world, IoTric can supplement or replace traditional training and education methods by introducing user friendly immersive lessons and content.

In case of any workforce attrition, quality & responsiveness issues, or the inability to measure field services performances, IoTric will enable you to do more with less & accelerate the transformation of your field service organisation from a cost center to a profit center.
Requirement understanding & Business analysis

We carry out analysis the current business process, clarify who, what and when of operations, and support "visualization" of business. Business flow diagram and detailed analysis document is created by understanding how each person in charge is doing business currently. And any new business requirements which are indispensable in the new system are also captured.

Study of feasibility with prototype software

We do not follow traditional waterfall method of software deployment. We adopt agile development method which releases prototype software a number of times, and proceed with consultation of customer if requirements are met. By doing this, feasibility is matched with operational requirements as implementation proceeds.

Continuous training, implementation and operation support

We provide sustained training for system operation to the person in charge of the customer. For companies that use our system, we provide online system for checking status of queries, and list of pending issues on real-time basis. Various documents such as past minutes of meeting, user manuals, workflow diagrams, etc. are also centrally managed on our online system with version control.

Data analysis using reporting tool

We utilize Excel-based simple BI tool and more full-fledged data analysis tool to visualize data accumulated in the system for detailed analysis. We visualize various day-to-day business data held in the system in a format that customers can understand, and provide extra value addition. We analyze them together with you and integrate the factors that makes you successful today and in the future into our concepts, to generate the most value with our solutions and the maximum benefit for you. .

IOTric Team

Ved Prakash

Founder and CEO

Ashish Shetty


Eddie Quiroz


Gagandeep Negi

Senior Tech Lead

Jaswant Singh

Tech Lead

Viswanath Reddy

Devops Engineer

Preety Priya

HR Executive

Anil Kumar

Senior Test Engineer

Chandra Shekar

Technical Lead

Diksha Pruthi

Software Engineer

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